Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Strange New Instrument

So a couple of weeks ago my spanish speaking neighbor stopped by my house for a little visit. During our conversation Mr. Man interrupted with an interesting conversation of his own. Here is how it all played out...

Mr. Man: "Mom I wanna learn how to play the Vulva!"(His voice was full of excitement)

Me: "You wanna play the what?!"

Mr. Man: "The Vulva mom!" ( he seemed annoyed thinking I hadn't heard him the first time)

My neighbor: "I didn't know that was an instrument, I think I need to check my english language dictionary. (English is her second language and she was laughing while she said this)

Me: "Let me process what you just asked me for a moment. You wanna play the what?!"

At this point Little Miss comes out the house cracking up laughing. "You're not saying it right!" she exclaimed.

They had been watching video clips on YouTube. In one of the videos a man known as the "Mystery Guitar Man" plays a plastic horn known as the vuvazela(pronounced voo-vuh-zel-uh) So Mr. Man looks at me and asks "Then whats the vulva mom? It sure sounds like it would be fun to play!" Me who never gets embarrassed turned bright red and told him I would explain it to him when he was 8. Now knowing him and his memory at his 8th birthday party in front of all the party guests he'll call out "Remember mom you told me you would tell me what the vulva was when I turned 8!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Walk On The 10 Year Old SIde Of Life

There truly is something quite comical in having a 10 year old daughter with Asperger Syndrome. Little Miss's views on life never cease to amaze me! One day she observed Cowboy getting upset with me about something. She felt daddy was being mean to me about the situation and proclaimed that if her husband talked to her that way she would just get a new one. Just the other day she proclaimed that if she went on a date with a boy and found out he liked to date more than one girl at a time, she would whop him with her purse! Her goals in life are to be a famous broadway performer, a veterinarian, a preacher, and a whole list of other professions which is says she will be an expert at. I asked what she was gonna do when it was time for her to become and mommy and have babies. She looked me square in the face standing nice and tall and confidently said... "My husband will stay at home and take care of the kids and if he complains I will go out and find a new one who will!" Now that right there is a priceless statement. God I love that girl and future men of the world beware because she won't take no crap, from you, she'll just go out and get a new one!