Tuesday, September 16, 2014

All About Boys And Other Calamity And Mayhem Since The Last Misadventure

Todays misadventure starts with a great big I"M BACK!!!!!  So goes the life of a stay at home mom.  You get a wonderful idea in your head like writing a regular blog, only to have things like house work, church and other stuff monopolize your time.  "Damn those kids and my husband needing things like love, affection a clean house and nice hot meals once in awhile!"  Of course I do love my life or else I wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have.  

So many things have gone on since the last misadventure.  The little Jelly Bean I had been posting about is now a full on 12 month old Baby Boy, which by the way is what I will now be referring to him as.  So now I have a Mr. Man and a Baby Boy.  I also have a not so little Little Miss.  She has entered the throes of high school.  So far things seem to be going well.  Her experience has been more like scenes from the movie Clueless than the movie Mean Girls which is a sigh of relief for this mama.

The other exciting thing to happen is that yours truly, Mother Cardinal, has entered the working world again.  Those of you that followed me before will remember a past post in which I gave thanks to a dear friend of mine who blogs under the name of Fabby.  Well I now nanny for her 2 evenings a week while she gets to escape motherhood... I mean attend college(LOL)!  So now I get the pleasure of hosting the Wonder Kids two nights a week which will add even more misadventures.

Now on to the real reason I took to posting tonight.  Let me first say that I initially was going to post this as a status update in Facebook Land but after a quick gathering of my thoughts, I realized I had so many that a simple status would not do....


This is how I imagine a phone conversation going with my future daughter-in-law(or son-in-law)...
In-law:  "Mother Cardinal?"
Me:  "Yes."
In-law:  "How did you ever survive raising that man!!?  I am about ready to pack him up and send him home!"

Now mind you in my head I would be giving him or her my best accent while saying "Mother Cardinal no live here no more!"  However seeing as I empathize I heave a big sigh and explain to her all about the man I call my son.  This brings me back to my afore mentioned declaration of 10 year old boys.  Little Man has reached the age of double digits and with it seems to have come a level of disgustingness(is that even a word?).  Long before Baby Boy was born.  When the main floor bathroom was shared by all who dwell in the chaos I call home,  If anyone else used the shower before I did, all that was needed was a quick rinse before utilizing my only means of alone time.  Even when Cowboy went back to the ever so loverly career field of removing mesothelioma  asbestos from buildings, and now when Baby Boy has had bedtime poopnados that blew away his diaper requiring a quick wash, only a  rinse down is needed.  

This has not been the case after Little Man has been in the Throne Room.  As I enter the room, there is the slapping sound of feet hitting a puddle of water.  The the squish of a sopping wet rug.  I   slide open the shower curtain to discover that I need a hazmat suit just to clean the shower before I use it!  There are little hairs all over the tub.  I did get a hair cut today but I was no where near my bath tub which makes me scared to know where those little hairs have come from!  I have every intention of calling him downstairs to give him a stern talking to about picking up after himself, but of course he beats me to it, coming down to say good night to me and giving me a hug while batting his eyes and giving me that sheepish "but I'm cute" grin.  This exchange makes my heart melt and suddenly I have forgotten what I was going to call him down for in the first place.