Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Life Of No Pie

In my past post I shared with you all the misadventure of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  This for todays misadventure I would like to talk more about this....

Let me first start out by saying having gestational diabetes is worse than walking into my dads home at Thanksgiving the year he decided to make chitterlings (pronounced chitlins a.k.a pig instestines)! I have decided that instead of working on my novel about the average Joe not knowing how to deal with his wife's depression or working on my Spirit World Chronicles series I am going to start a whole new book all together.  I am calling it "The Life of NO pie, or no cake, or no ice cream, or no more yummy delicious foods ever ever ever!" 

Now in all fairness I can have 1 serving of potato chips but only one serving a day!  It's not like I can have a serving of potato chips with my lunch and then have another serving as a snack.  I have to strategically plan out when to have that serving and if I have it with a meal I have to be mindful of what I have with it.  I made the mistake of having chips with two hot dogs in buns.  Not good.  My blood sugars were sky high.  That means the next time I try that meal I either need to skip the chips or have two hotdogs with no buns.  Well folks that one is a no brainer, the buns must go!!!!

Of course in a cruel twist of fate or maybe a test from God to see if I am really willing to take care of myself, the Kentucky Fried Chicken that is near our local mall has now become a Popeyes Chicken!  I grew up with a Popeyes Chicken within walking distance of my dads house.  One of my oldest and dearest friends lived right behind it!  When ever we both had a good amount of money we would pool it together and treat ourselves to a Popeyes feast!  Visions of telling my husband the Jelly Bean is craving Popeyes and him saying "Yes dear we can go there for dinner!"  Danced in my head.  I even posted my excitement on my personal Facebook page.  Then my aunt had to go and remind me to check the nutrition chart to make sure their food didn't have too many carbs!  Suddenly I got scary visions of discovering I could eat nothing on the menu clouded my head and made me dizzy!

Of course Jelly Bean doesn't help matters.  Everything I love and miss eating, Jelly Bean has a distaste for!  We walk past the bakery section at our local supermarket and instead of wanting to eat every sweet treat in sight once the delicious smells hit my nose, I gagged and told Cowboy we needed to hurry up away from there before I got sick!  I got sick eating a small piece of milk chocolate, but was just fine eating that piece of dark chocolate.  This Jelly Bean can differentiate between which of the two chocolates are good for me!

I finally  reached my breaking point.  After not handling the labor too well when Mr. Man was born Cowboy had it in his head that with Jelly Bean I would get an epidural right away.  I nixed that plan telling him if I have to suffer for 9 months of either no being able to have or gagging up all the delicious foods I love then he gets to suffer through me in labor unmedicated!