Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Ode To An Unborn Child WIth Love From It's Mother

Tiny little Jelly Bean growing inside me
Oh how I love you so
Will you please stop sitting on my bladder
So I don't constantly feel like I have to go?!

I mean it little child
You had better do what I say
Or else you will be grounded when you come into this world
On your birthday!

Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Hunt For Mother Nature

Todays misadventure involves my my quest to find Mother Nature.  Why you may ask, do I need to find her?  My answer is simple and honest and a speak for all Minnesotans when I say this... "She deserves a serious beat down!"  

As I type this out, the tornado sirens are going off because it is that time of year again where the sirens everywhere go of on Wednesdays to test them out and make sure they work.  Now as the sirens are going off, it is snowing outside!  It's May first and the great state with too damn many lakes is under a winter storm watch!  

Little Miss put it best when exclaimed "Mother Nature be acting cray cray!  I am also in agreement with Mr. Man, Mother Nature is really getting on my nerves too bud!