Sunday, March 17, 2013

Attack Of The 268 Pound Hangry Woman

Let me first start out by saying that I came to know the word Hangry from a podcast I enjoy listening too.  This word describes someone who is so hungry they are irritable and grouchy and mean.  That folks is me right now.  

This little Jellybean that I have been blessed to house within me for the next 29 weeks has thrown this pregnancy for a big loop de loop!  I have gestational diabetes which anyone that went gestational during their pregnancy and those that are diabetic knows, means a drastic diet change is in effect.  Being that I am a larger sized woman, the diet change has been a bit of a shock to my system.  Now the OB nurse claims that I can still feel full and satisfied on this new diet I have to stick to but so far I'm not feeling anything but hangry.  My husband tried to create humor in the situation when I turned to him for moral support.  I explained to him what hangry meant and that I just wanted to eat something that was good and adhered to this new diet.  That is when he announced that I could eat him.  You can pretty much imagine how hard I wasn't laughing.  I am going to stick this out in hopes that this gestational thing will go away after Jellybean is born.  The only thing I am left wondering is if it's normal to see a whole turkey when looking at the family dog or to seek a pork and beef roast when looking at our two cats?

Here's a little video to showcase how I am feeling right now.  Lets hope I don't get as hangry as that man eating plant!