Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to my misadventures!

Let me start by saying welcome to the incredible misadventures of me! I am a full time mom, full time student, and full time wife, and if you were wondering, yes I am that crazy to take on all 3 full time! To add to the craziness is the fact that I have depression, ADHD and anxiety, which basically means I get so overwhelmed I can't sit still which makes me very sad.
Now comes the part where I talk about my husband and my two beautiful yet maddening children. For the sake of privacy on my husbands part and the fact that you never know what kind of people in the world will be viewing this, I will be referring to my by their nicknames, Cowboy,Little Miss and, Mr. Man.
I have been with my Cowboy for 8 years, married for 6 of those 8 years. He has a very blunt and honest to a fault outlook on life and the people in it, and at times it can be a bit repelling, but I love him and couldn't imagine my life without him.
Little Miss is my unique child. She is 10 years old, in the throws of puberty and to top it off she has Asperger Syndrome as well as ADHD. Currently we are in the mother daughter phase of "Everything mom says is wrong!" I tell her she looks pretty she gets mad. I tell her she looks not so good, she gets mad. I even begged her to write down what she wants me to say so that I get it right every time and I get told "If you don't know then why are you a mother!" Uggggh!!!!
Mr. Man is 6 and every bit small male version of me. He has my stubbornness and my husbands determination, which is often not a good combination especially when he is causing mischief and gets caught! He is also the poster child for cuddling. I call him my snuggle puppy because he loves to snuggle.
I live with my brood in White Bear Lake which is a north east suburb of the capital of Minnesota. We moved out hear 5 years ago spending 3 and a half of those years in an apartment. We just bought our house 2 years ago. So far we have not done any of the remodeling that we want done but we will get there. In fact I put us down as hosting Easter dinner for my family as a means to speed up the decorating process. We'll see how that works out for Cowboy and me.
If you managed to get through my introduction great! Sit back and enjoy the ride because life is never dull with me and there are always misadventures happening to this mother!

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  1. Fellow MN mom, so glad to follow!! :D