Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things We Lost In The Fire

I killed the family grill today.  In true Mother Cardinal misadventure fashion, it happened at my very hands.  The hose somehow caught fire and from there it was a goner.  Thankfully I caught it in time so that it didn't have to suffer for very long.  

So for todays installment, I would like to take this moment to remember a fine summer aide to our familial nest.  

R.I.P. Cardinal family grill.  You have served us well.  You were put together my Father Cardinal 1 a.k.a  my father in-law with his own 2 hands.  You have provided us with burgers, and brats for many a birthday and created some great chops, steaks and chicken on warm late spring and summer nights.  You have been gone above and beyond your usual call of duty making great roasted marshmallows for  s'mores.  You will be missed old friend but you will never be forgotten.....(excuse me while I grab a tissue!) 

And of course I wouldn't be me without pictures of the carnage...  Oh and by the way, does anyone know where I can get a grill for dirt cheap?

The carnage I left behind

One of the knobs that melted off

A miscellaneous plastic piece from the grill

And of course the other knob fell off and melted to the bottom.  It was apparently not ready to let go

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