Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where It Started And Giving Thanks

They say one never forgets their roots and I have always prided myself on living that statement to the fullest, but recently it was brought to my attention that I have forgotten my roots so to speak.  I'm not talking about my African American or Mexican heritage.  What I had forgotten is the roots of what made my incredible misadventures so incredible.  I would like to take this time to remember this mother birds roots and in doing so also give thanks because its through the support of others especially one woman in particular that made this bird and my misadventures so incredible.  You might even say my misadventures are Fabbylous!

My misadventures got their start on facebook of all places.  It was shortly after one of my oldest and dearest friends made the bravest decision of her life.  It meant her children would not have the life all mothers dream of with the mother and father living harmoniously in the same dwelling, but her choice also meant her children would have the kind of mother they deserved to have.  Like the karen White song goes "I don't want to be a fool for love.  I'd rather be alone than be unhappy"  She would have rather been alone and been a strong mother to her children than remain with their father and be an unhappy shell of a person.  Not that her ex is a bad person.  In fact apart they are very good friends but sometimes good friends don't make a good couple.  They got two beautiful and unique wonder kids out of there attempt at taking their friendship to another level.

As I was saying after her life changing decision, she flew on over to my nest to rest her weary life wings for a spell and in doing so the misadventures started.  It began with our comical take on  daily life taking care of her clan of two misfits as well as mine in the same household.  Each night one of us would post an evening installment of our misadventures.  It was thoughts of those status installments that motivated me to create this blog.

To my best friend since the 3rd life time the ever Fabbylous Tanita, I thank you for inspiring this and hope to one day soon see your posts about Fabby and the Wonder kids.

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