Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Return to Misadventures

      I am back folks!  Thats right, in true misadventure fashion I took a hiatus and didn't tell anyone about it!  Actually I forgot to tell everyone.  I blame it on the fact that my doctor took me off of my Adderall for most of the summer.  I won't bore you with what occurred during my brief break.  Most of it is a sad tale of woe and would not be in keeping with the hilarity that is me so I will simply jump right into today or should I say, this mornings misadventure...

      Today was a trying morning in the Cardinal household.  Mr. Man came into my room way before the butt crack of dawn and woke me up with his flopping around.  Little Miss had troubles understanding the concept of crazy hair for crazy hair day at school which resulted in a big mother daughter brawl that sent Cowboy off to his 7:45 class in a foul mood and me to the couch where I fell asleep and thankfully didn't miss sending Mr. Man out to his bus stop.  Hopefully my afternoon and evening will be better.

      That is the shortened version of my misadventure.  I guess the fight with Little Miss could have been avoided if I had not mumbled under my breath that for a school volleyball player her school spirit was nonexistent.  I told Mr. Man he was no longer allowed to come into my room in the middle of the night until he could teach his arms and legs to stay still.  And last but not least Cowboy doing what he does best, not only did he voice his annoyance at the mother daughter brawl but also unleashed a tirade about other things he was annoyed with me for that he never tells me at the time I cause the annoyance!  Like I said before hopefully my afternoon and evening are better or today will be a double misadventure post!

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