Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Favorite Things


On this incredible misadventure I have decided to list my favorite things.  If Oprah can do it so can I, only don't go thinking I am going to be giving away any of these things.  I may be big(I'm speaking literally) like Oprah once was, I'm not that big.  Unfortunately I have these people in my life called children, that require most of my money which technically isn't even mine.  Cowboy is the one that earns it and I don't think he would be to please if I spent the mortgage showering strangers in internet land with gifts.

So here goes ladies this is my list of favorite things for 2013.  Along side each item will be an explanation of how or why it earned a coveted spot on my list.  I will say that Calgon bubble bath will never make the list.  If you want to know why you will have to go back read through my past misadventures and you'll understand.


1.  Cafemom - This place is like facebook for mom's.  Actually it's more like myspace for mom's.  This place has everything from drama, to trolls, to the so unbelievable that it's too good to be true and too out there to not be true!  If you are ever having one of those days where you are feeling like the worst mother in the world, just go to their mommy confession group and read some of the topics posted anonymously and you will step away from the screen feeling like the Martha Stewart of mom's!  Oh and you can make some great friends and get some good advice.

2.  Mamas Latinas - I have to first give the disclaimer that this site is for latina mama's.  The group originated on Cafemom but have since branched out into it's own website.  If you are of Latino heritage and want a place where you can feel connected to that, this is the place for you.  I go there and practice my spanish.  

3.  Google Translate - I'd like to thank google translate for helping me to decipher what the mamacita's of Mama Latina are saying.  I also want to thank you for assisting me in those playful conversations my husband and I have with each other in french

4.  Swiffer wets - Yes I took it there!  I put a household cleaning product to my list.  I am sorry but when you have a wet wipe that cleans everything you just gotta talk about it.  I knew it could clean floors but then I saw my husband use one to clean our kitchen cabinets and man I was impressed!

5. & - Both of these websites offer some tasty and budget friendly meal idea's.  Part of my decision to actually make resolutions this year was being a better wife and mother.  I figured the best place to start was in the kitchen and how I do dinners.  So far every recipe I have gotten from either site has been a hit and this time I remembered to print it out, use my 3 hole puncher to make holes in it so I can stick in a 3 ring binder

6.  Hasbor's Family game night for the Nintendo Wii or Play Station 3 - There is a game night 1, 2, and 3 and we have all of them.  This is an excellent way to play all those family game favorites without the bulkiness of the game boxes.  As much as we wanted to get the kids more actual games this Christmas, our game cabinet was too full.

7.  Muk Luks - If you don't know what these are, google them.  Everyones knows I am not a fan of winter boots due to the horrors of having to wear those god awful moon boots as a child.  When I saw a pair of these boots on the JcPenny website I fell in love.  Then I googled them and found a website full of them!  These boots will keep your feet warm and look fabulous.  The pair I want are dark brown with fringe and they come to about mid calf.  Now I just need to convince Cowboy to let me spend $250 on a pair of these boots!

8.  This last and final thing on my list is not a thing, it's a person.  She is the best photographer around!  She is also an inspiration.  She has found a way to make money doing what she loves and not lose sight of why she loves doing it.  She specializes in location shoots because she feels posed shots don't really capture the emotions of the people being photographed.  The fact that she actually got Cowboy to give a genuine smile is a few of the photo's we just had done is a miracle.  She doesn't have her website up and running yet but she does have a Facebook page and I encourage you all to go there, check out her work and become a fan!

So there you go folks, those are just a few of my favorites for this year.  

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