Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Great Conception

This is a misadventure you will not want to miss.....

So Cowboy and I have been faithful college students since this past fall.  I am hoping to earn a degree in early childhood special education and he is getting his degree in chemical engineering.  We have two beautiful children whom we adore.  We had been semi trying for a third for almost 4 years not with nothing happening.  Cowboys soldiers were marching but they just couldn't seem to hit the correct battle field.  After months of discussing things we came to the decision to stop trying.  I was worried that it wouldn't happen for us until after I had my degree and was working again which I didn't want because I knew if it did, I would want to stop working and be a stay at home mom for that baby like I have been for Little Miss and Mr. Man.  Cowboy thought that his years of working in a lead foundry, the exposure caused there to be issues with his soldier.  

Let me tell you folks when you decide to stop doing something due to having no success that is when things suddenly start to jump off.  That's right folks, I am PREGNANT!!!  No sooner did we make the decision to stop and we were well into the groove of second semester when SURPRISE!!!!!!  We found out another baby bird will be flying into our nest in the fall.  I am normally not one for surprises but this is one surprise I gladly appreciate!  In fact Little Miss was a surprise too.

So far I am feeling good with the exception of my misadventures in pregnancy nausea.  So far apple juice, toast and apples are this baby will allow my stomach to hold.  Little Miss is super excited and has aptly called the baby her Jelly bean.  Mr. Man  being the 70 year old man trapped in an 8 year olds body, first complained about the cost and work load of having another child in the house.  His exact words were... "Now there will be to many kids in the house to take care of!"  Really what he was worried about was mom not having enough love to go around.  Once he was reassured that I would always have more than enough love just for him, he warmed up to the idea of a new baby and wants a baby brother because sisters are dumb and mean( so he says).

Mama-The-Hun and my Smother In-law were both equally excited and my bio-dad or as the kids call him grampy, was happy for us too.  I only wish my stepdad could be here for this.  If this baby is a boy I will be honoring him by giving the baby his name.  David Germain Cardinal has a nice ring to it

Here is Jellybean Cardinal, right between the 2 x's

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  1. That's so ironic.. I quit trying after four years of trying as well. Low and behold, I did go back to work and I did end up pregnant. :)


    I hope you will consider taking a break from college your last trimester of your pregnancy. I'm speaking from experience here. I got an F for trying to do it. :(

    Of course, you may have a lot easier pregnancy that what I had, but I just thought I'd throw it out there while you have the chance to schedule things accordingly with your school. :)